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Package Overview

The name Dooars has been gotten from ‘Entryways’ … since there are about 18 entryways or passages between this spot and Bhutan. The whole region has been a base for exchange with Bhutan. A well-known entryway is in Western Dooars between Indian Bordertown Jaigaon and Pheuntsholing of Bhutan. In short… miles of public stops brimming with thick woodlands, Jeep and elephant safaris to spot outlandish untamed life in their common environments, a tremendous stretch of rambling tea gardens, magnificent mountain streams with rough beds moving through the backwoods and tea homes, dazzling perspective focuses, and incredible perspectives on the Himalayan reach delineating the Dooars area on one side are what most travelers need to see and do.

There are anyway some particular should do’s in Dooars which most vacationers have on their agenda. Also, that is to take Jeep safaris (and even elephant safaris) in at least one public park and safe-havens here to see untamed life. Also, you can spot intriguing creatures, for example, elephants, one-horned rhinos, panthers, buffalo, deer, snakes, and numerous types of winged animals remembering peacocks for every one of these woods.

Perhaps the most well-known one is Gorumara Public Park. You can take Jeep safaris in the cradle zone of the timberland here, or visit a portion of the lookouts by Jeep that are situated in the center region offering incredible vantage focuses to observe wild creatures at places which they regular.

Jaldapara Public Park is renowned for its elephant safaris to spot one-horned rhinos and other natural life. Jeep safaris are additionally well known at Jaldapara.

A visit to Dooars won’t be finished except if you take a Tea garden visit … there are various rambling tea domains in Dooars a considerable lot of which you can see from the street.

Furthermore, there are a lot more extraordinary attractions in Dooars including a few different safe-havens, waterway side spots, curious towns offering homestays, uncommon scenes of fireflies on tea gardens, villas settled in nature, panthers salvage focus, visit Phuentsholing of Bhutan, and then some…

Day wise Itinerary

Day 1: South Khairbari                                                                                                                                                        Check-in and sightseeing to South khairbari.

Day 2: Jaldapara Jungle & Totopara Safar                                                                                                                    Jaldapara (Wilderness Safari)Jungle Safari and After Lunch Sightseeing to Totopara.

Day 3: Chilapata Jungle & Phuntsholing Bhutan Safar                                                                                              Chilapata jungle visit and after lunch sightseeing to Phuntsholing Bhutan.

Day 4: Buxa, Jayanti &Rajabhatkhawa Safar                                                                                                            Sightseeing to Buxa, Jayanti, and Rajabhatkhawa.

Day 5: Rajbari & Madanmohan Temple Safari                                                                                                        Coochbehar Rajbari(Palace), Madanmohan Temple.

Day 6: Murti                                                                                                                                                                            Murti, Jhallong, Bindu, Samsing Tea Garden, Suntalekhola, Rocky Island, etc.

Day 7: Gorumara Wilderness(Jungle) Safari

Gorumara Wilderness(Jungle) Safari at Morning 6.00 AM(Optional), After Lunch Look at Drop to New Mal Intersection

Package Start From

Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India, Asia                                                             

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